Separated recently, divorce holiday hangouts on the way.
Also would love some good chat. Primal (Prey). Eating cum filled cunt.
It happened.. Spank you with pleasure. As such I'm pretty much open to chatting with anyone who want to chat me up and seeing if we're compatible. My first business trip in the new year is to New Orleans for a week. Got a thing for moms.
Me and my girl are looking for clean male to join our mmf threesome. I can get along with just about anyone. I am continuing with our fun adventure holiday hangouts with my better half.

He is looking for a man to have fun with. Sincere to every word he says and fulfill his promise, never give false hope.

Beauty cutty nudes. Can't wait to meet you.
I appreciate your understanding.

Thick, sexy, black ladies. Naked neegro women. Looking for fun with no commitment. I'm looking for some no strings attatched fun.

Polite and easy to talk to, I am very respectful and mature.
Straight male looking for straight females/trans for fun and intimacy, possibly more. I'm an open book...maybe too open but I am who I am and if u dont like it then talk to someone else,if i wanted to be winged and nagged at i would be living with my mum.i also wont send anyone nude pictures of me so dont waste your time or ours and we play together , single guys if we decide to play with a guy on his own , we will contact you if we do meet up and you decide you do not want to go thru with having sex that night, I will walk away and never bother you again. Let's chat and have some and maybe me?
Use the first letter on the last three words and that's the app hope to here from you thanks.
Hoping to find someone fun as a friend for now with a possibility of more, if we both like the road we're on.